Beurer EM41 TENS Therapy Set


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A two channel ‘3 in 1’ Digital TENS Machine with EMS and Integrated Massager – the Beurer EM41 is the modern, affordable way to combat pain and speed up muscle recovery and muscle rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home. Three advanced functions include: – TENS – Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation – EMS – Electronic Muscle Stimulation – Integrated Massage – Electric massage The Beurer EM 41 has two independent channels and uses 4 self adhesive skin electrodes.  It has versatile functions that help to increase feeling of general wellbeing, relieve pain, improve fitness, revitalise muscles, combat fatigue and relax. You can select these functions from preset programmes or determine them yourself according to your needs. The electrodes can be attached to different parts of the body as required.  The Beurer TENS EMS Massager EM 41 has a total of 50 programmes (20 TENS / 20 EMS / 10 massage), all with individually adjustable intensity levels. 10 of the TENS programmes and 10 of the EMS programmes can be individually adjusted – you can change /personalise the pulse frequency, pulse width and the treatment duration.  Features: – 3 in 1: TENS (nerves, pain), EMS (muscle), massage (relaxation) – 4 self-adhesive electrodes (2 separately adjustable channels) – 30 pre-programmed applications (TENS/EMS/massage) – 20 individualized programs (TENS/EMS) – Doctor´s function – for ideal coordination with your personal therapy program – Treatment time adjustable (5 – 90 minutes)


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